Irish Fairy Doors


The perfect way to indulge your child’s imagination. Fairy doors are a wonderful product that bring joy and wonder to any child’s life. It is an experience rather than a toy. By placing a fairy door in your garden or home your child has the opportunity to delve into a world of make believe and wonderment.

Fairy’s are renowned for being secretive peoples and that’s why you’ll rarely see them! Each fairy is unique and will have trained to be the best house fairy they can be. Since they have magical powers and can be mischievous too so its best to be kind to your resident fairies.

With this fantastic range of fairy doors it is easy to attract a fairy or two as they love to relSantas-Workshop-OpeningFairy Door CurvedFairy-Door-Inward-CurveLeprechaun-Door-Round-ArchBoy-Elf-Door-Pointed-Arch-GreenSantas-Workshopocate worldwide. All you need to do is to believe!!!

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